The Reflect

Words Nathan Zack
Images Bradley Afroilan

Seasoned urban runners and cyclists have known for years that if you’re going to choose to be active at night, reflective material is a godsend. Especially in a bustling city like New York where, to put it lightly, drivers are not always the most respectful toward pedestrians (Exhibit A: Canal Street), reflective gear goes a long way toward ensuring you’ll stay safe from point A to point B. Whether you’re working out or just going around the corner to grab something at the neighborhood corner store, enhanced visibility is crucial–and that’s exactly what you’ll get with the new BIG Original Reflect Parka, featuring eye-catching reflective prints on both sides. So you can venture out into the nocturnal hours with confidence (though we recommend looking both ways before crossing the street! Seriously.)

And in the case you’re someone for whom the idea of a “flashy” sweatshirt is contrary to your understated, personal style, we get it. Bold isn’t always the right way to go and from the beginning, understated design has been one of our core values. Yet, we’d like to suggest that if there’s ever been a time to make a statement, or a statement to make, it’s now–with the words “WE ARE NY TOUGH” written out in bold lettering on the back of the Reflect Parka. This year, more than almost any in the city’s history, NYC’s reputation for being resilient, for refusing to back down, and for the unshakeable grit and toughness that it brings out in its residents, has proved resoundingly true. New Yorkers have banded together and collectively dug deep to overcome months of hardship spurred by a crushing pandemic. “WE ARE NY TOUGH” is a tribute to and reminder of that singular New York resiliency.

The BIG Reflect Parka is a comfortable, distinctive hoodie made stateside in Los Angeles from 100% cotton that will keep you visible at night, but it’s also much more than that. We’re proud to have our patch embroidered on the hood.

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