Images Nathan Zack
Styling Garvey Malawa &
Chloe Icay

The latest edition of staff styling by our very own Garvey Malawa and Chloe Icay brings together a diverse curated selection of technical outerwear, delicately hand-crafted knits, denim, and reimagined workwear classics from, variously, TAION, The Conspires, Loop&Weft, Kapital and N. Hoolywood. These are pieces that work well on their own, and yet can be elevated with finely tuned contrasts. Layering Loop & Weft’s Merino Super Lamb Big Waffle Command Sweater over the N. Hoolywood x Dickies collaboration Relax Fit Shirt in one instance, and under a white down vest from TAION in another, speaks to the versatility of each design. 

For TAION especially, the newest addition to our outerwear lineup from Japan whose jackets can be worn with long sleeves, short sleeves or as vests, it’s all about versatility. The detachable sleeves and portable heating system make these jackets functional for all climates. Now that the holiday season has arrived and gift giving is on our minds, it’s clear these are pieces that make the best gifts: the kind that will be cherished for years to come, thanks to clever design and immeasurably high quality.


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Blue In Green is an independent denim and lifestyle boutique based in SoHo, NYC. As one of the first retailers in North America to import Japanese made selvedge denim, since its founding in 2006 Blue In Green has become NYC’s preeminent denim store and continues to be the exclusive purveyor of many international brands.


This year we’re introducing LIFE IN DENIM: a series about everyday life in denim and our neighbors in NYC. Whether you’re at work in the studio, fixing up an old car in the shop, writing, cooking, cycling, climbing, or recording an album, take a photo and tag us with #lifeindenim on Instagram.