Words Anteneh Gebre
Images Nathan Zack

WHILE MANY OF US ARE WORKING FROM HOME and leaving our spots less than ever, we’re making the most of our time outside. Whether that’s a nice (and appropriately distanced) get together with friends or a trip to the grocery store, chances are you’re going to be taking a bag with you. And whether you know it or not, your bag is saying a lot about you. Your New Yorker tote bag may trick strangers on the train into thinking you read for pleasure, but the Bon Appetit bag you take to the grocery store could reveal that you don’t believe in equal pay. It’s important that your bag gives off the right vibe and fits your aesthetic as well.

Whether you’re a Kapital junkie, a lover of bandana print and/or crossbody bags in general, the Gauze Bandana Beach Snuffkin Bag is the one for you. It’s got an adjustable strap, mesh lining and a surprising amount of storage space, perfect for holding your snacks, a book and a disposable camera as you hit the park this fall and the beach next summer.

South2West8’s Book Bags are a great option if you’re looking to spice up your bag rotation with some patterns. The India Jacquard bag comes in flower, ivy and paisley prints; a great way to add some brightness to a subdued outfit or if you want to go full turbo, wear it with a mix of other prints and bright colors. The Plaid Twill version comes in Blue/Black and Khaki/Black, which will look great with all of your fall fits. The bags are 15x13, ideal for carrying your laptop, some produce (it’s apple season, baby!) or a couple bottles of natural wine (it’s support your local wine shop season, baby!).

For those who would describe their personal style with the phrase “If you know, you know”, we have the Blue In Green Original Tote Bag. While the store has been around since 2006, we’re still New York’s best kept secret. Carrying our tote bag, which features a beautiful illustration of the front of the store on the back, is a way to let the world know that you know of the promised land. Where Japanese selvedge denim is stacked to the ceiling; where the finest coffee is brewed right next to curated racks of the best gear the world has to offer. Wear this bag like a badge of pride and be prepared for nods of respect from some of the best dressed people around.


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Blue In Green is an independent denim and lifestyle boutique based in SoHo, NYC. As one of the first retailers in North America to import Japanese made selvedge denim, since its founding in 2006 Blue In Green has become NYC’s preeminent denim store and continues to be the exclusive purveyor of many international brands.


This year we’re introducing LIFE IN DENIM: a series about everyday life in denim and our neighbors in NYC. Whether you’re at work in the studio, fixing up an old car in the shop, writing, cooking, cycling, climbing, or recording an album, take a photo and tag us with #lifeindenim on Instagram.