Loop & Weft:
The Rolls Royce
of Knits

Words Avin Jarjis
Images Nathan Zack

FOUNDED IN 2011 BY RYOTA SEGUCHI, the Japanese brand Loop & Weft has developed an exceptional take on knitwear. Situated in Yamanashi, a place known for its stunning scenery and beautiful white-topped mountains, Loop & Weft imbues each piece in the collection with an appreciation for the raw elements. The brand collaborates with Japanese artisans, shokunin, who have devoted their lives to perfecting their skills. Superior quality and a fresh take on traditional craft make Loop & Weft the Rolls Royce of Knits.

VINTAGE BLACK, rusty red, golden brown, russet orange and navy blue resonate with the fall colors in Yamanashi as well as New York. The use of natural dyes with low environmental impact allows for unevenness in color, making every piece feel personal. We’ve carefully selected knits that best represent the attention to detail and superior quality of Loop & Weft. 

A TIMELESS STAPLE that draws inspiration from the 1980s, the Merino Super Lamb Big Waffle Command Sweater balances vintage aesthetics and a modern-day fit. From the choice of yarns and fabric, to the rich and delicate texture, every detail is carefully considered.

The Vintage Jacquard Knit Crewneck Sweatshirt is created with one of the only two existing knitting machines from Wakayama, making the garment a shining example of Japanese craftsmanship. Plus, thanks to the drop shoulder seams and the discreet V-Gusset, this crewneck sweatshirt is effortless and elegant. With cat’s eye buttons and vintage-inspired ribbed cuffs, the Combed Yarn High Tension Honeycomb Thermal Henley creates a warm and solid base that is made to be worn with ease. Which one of the Loop & Weft knits will become your favorite choice for cooler days?

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