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SINCE BACK IN 2008 when it opened in Manhattan’s West Village, Leffot has been consistently recognized as one of the finest shops in the city for leather shoes and accessories made in Europe, Japan and in the US, thanks to the discerning eye and exquisite taste of owner Steven Taffel. Nestled into a charming block of Christopher Street, where the historic facades are reminders of the timeless allure that brings millions of people to NYC every year, Leffot is an essential stop for anyone who appreciates quality craftsmanship. So it was only natural to bring denim from Pure Blue Japan–a brand renowned for its superlative craftsmanship–for the latest installment of the #DenimPairing series. Anyone who has bought denim from BIG over the years knows that Pure Blue Japan’s jeans have always been a focal point of the denim wall at the front of our shop. PBJ has been creating some of the world's finest Japanese selvedge denim on vintage, low-tension wooden shuttle looms since 1997.

We are privileged to have been able to collaborate with the Okayama-based brand on many occasions. The indigo Pure Blue Japan XX-019 jean, for instance, is a B exclusive featuring the Blue In Green Original Sheepskin Leather Patch and plain rear pockets with our very own embroidered blue leaf–details you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The 1161-BB, alternatively, is the original Black x Black 1161 model designed by Blue In Green that has inspired a number of close, but not exact, reproductions. It features the first ever fit right between the classic XX-013 Slim and the XX-019 Relaxed Tapered fits; we call it the Blue In Green Original Fit, or a Mid-High Rise Slim Tapered. The best of both worlds.          

For a superior pair of Japanese selvedge jeans, Pure Blue Japan is a perfect choice. But once you’ve picked up a new pair, how should they be styled? New denim begs a series of crucial questions: will this shade of indigo look better with boots or sneakers? Single cuff or double cuff? Dress them up with a sport coat or wear them casually? Do my socks matter? And if they do (they do!), which socks are the right ones? The #DenimPairings series was born, in part, to help answer those questions. Fortunately, because Steven at Leffot is an aficionado when it comes to all fine footwear and accessories, when we asked Steven to pair up the indigo XX-019, the 1161-BB Double Black, and the XX-012 Double Indigo with items in his shop–we knew the results would be stellar. And they were. For the 019, a snuff suede chukka, suede belt, and Fair Isle heavy weight socks fit the bill best; for the Black x Black 1161-BB, a military inspired low cut sneaker, French goatskin watch strap and dark khaki sock; and lastly, for the Double Indigo 012, Steven chose a classic cordovan American shoe by Alden, a matching Color 8 shell cordovan leather belt, and a pair of vintage crochet driving gloves by Thomas Reimer–a brilliant finishing touch radiating pure class and sophistication.

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Blue In Green is an independent denim and lifestyle boutique based in SoHo, NYC. As one of the first retailers in North America to import Japanese made selvedge denim, since its founding in 2006 Blue In Green has become NYC’s preeminent denim store and continues to be the exclusive purveyor of many international brands.


This year we’re introducing LIFE IN DENIM: a series about everyday life in denim and our neighbors in NYC. Whether you’re at work in the studio, fixing up an old car in the shop, writing, cooking, cycling, climbing, or recording an album, take a photo and tag us with #lifeindenim on Instagram.